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First Grade Supply List
Posted On:
Tuesday, July 25, 2017


1st Grade
Holice Powell Elementary


4 boxes of 24 count Crayola Crayons

24 yellow wooden pencils (Ticonderoga and America Gold sharpen best)

4 gum erasers

1 pair headphones – **NO earbuds please** --labeled

3 boxes tissues

1 plastic crayon box -labeled

1 zippered pencil bag (to be used for pencils)

8 folders (hard plastic to last longer)–unlabeled

5 skinny Expo Brand dry erase markers

unscented baby wipes

Ziplock bags with zipper seal (girls bring gallon size, boys bring quart size)

2 composition notebooks –labeled

clipboard -labeled

1 pack skinny highlighters

1 pack Crayola markers

In addition to these items if you would like to help with other needs in our classroom we can always use:

colored copy paper/cardstock

smelly markers                

glitter pens    

small binders                   

envelopes (card and letter size)

blank cards/ postcards             

snack size Ziploc bags    

clothes pins                             

colored pens          

bingo daubers

craft paint (any color)              

paint brushes         

baby socks (for erasers)

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