car rider
Families of car riders, please read and follow the following procedures to ensure the safety of your child.

*If you are picking up a child in kindergarten - 2nd grade, please use Lane 1 (inner, right lane closest to school).

*If you are only picking up a child in 3rd through 5th grade, please use Lane 2 (left lane).

*If you are picking up children in both grade bands, use the inner lane and we will load all of your children from the inner lane.

*If you are picking up a PK student, you must PARK in a designated spot. You will then need to enter the appropriate lane if you are picking up other students.

*Students are loaded on the passenger side of the vehicle only.
*Do NOT exit your vehicle. You need to be ready to pull forward once all students are loaded. (If your child needs assistance to buckle, you may pull forward to the north parking lot to assist.)

*Make sure your child can recognize your vehicle.

*Leave the name card in the front window until your child has been loaded into your car.

*If any child is loading, keep your foot firmly on the brake or shift your car into park so your car doesn’t roll.

*Pull up as far as we ask you to pull up so that we can quickly clear the road in front of the school.

*Hand-held cellphone usage is prohibited in the school zone as it is on the roadways. 

*If you are unable to follow these procedures, you could be asked to move out of the pick-up line until a staff member can safely escort your child to your vehicle. 

Thank you for helping us keep all of our students safe during car rider dismissal!