Thanksgiving Lunch

Thanksgiving lunch is on November 17 for grades pre-kindergarten, 1st, 3rd, and 5th ONLY. All other grades will be invited to bring guests for Easter lunch.

Reservations were required to ensure the cafeteria staff was able to prepare for this special event. Guests that have reserved need to bring $3.50 cash with exact change.

1st Grade: Megan Boswell 11:00-11:25
1st Grade: Lauren Brown 11:05-11:30
3rd Grade: Monica Robbins 11:25-11:50
3rd Grade: Lori Walker. 11:30-11:55
5th Grade: Kayla Dawson 11:45-12:10
5th Grade: Jennifer Milan 11:50-12:15
PreK: Megan Stanley 11:55-12:20
PreK: Carrie Council 12:00-12:25